Members are hereby advised that the following Resolutions were unanimously passed without alteration or amendment at the Seventeenth Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of OK Zimbabwe Limited held on 26 July 2018:-

Ordinary Business
1. Consolidated Financial Statements and Reports
Adoption of Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2018, together with the Report of the Directors and Auditors thereon.
2. Dividend
Confirmation of an interim dividend of 0.20 cents per share and a final dividend of 0.51 cents per share giving a total dividend of 0.71 cents per share for the year ended 31 March 2018.
3. Directorate
3.1 Confirmation of appointment of Mr. A. S. McLeod to the Board of Directors with effect from 1 March 2018
3.2 Confirmation of the re-Appointment of Mr. H. Nkala following his retirement in terms of the Articles of Association of the Company Passed
3.3 Notification of the retirement of Mrs. M. T. Rukuni who retired by rotation with no option of re-election. Noted
3.4 Notification of the retirement of Messrs. Ronald van SoIt, William Nicholas Alexander and Mark Christopher Jennings during the course of the financial year. Noted
3.5 Approval of Directors’fees for the past year. Passed
4. Auditors’ Fees and Appointment of Auditors
Approval of Auditors fees and reappointment of Messrs. Deloitte and Touche for the ensuing year.
Special Business
5. Administration of Share Option Scheme Rules Passed
6. Establishment of Share Option Scheme – 2019 Passed
7. Allotment of shares to OK Employee Share Participation Trust Passed

By order of the Board

16 August 2018