Who Is OK Zimbabwe Limited?

OK Zimbabwe Limited has been in existence since 1942, and has established itself as a customer-oriented retail organization providing comprehensive access to a broad range of retail products and allied services developed in response to its customers' requirements for convenience and value.

We Have A Long History

OK Zimbabwe Limited was first incorporated as Springmaster Corporation in 1953, and in 1984, its name was changed to Deltrade Limited which then subsequently changed to the current name in July 2001.

The inaugural branch was opened at OK First Street Harare (then Salisbury) in 1942 and the second branch in Bulawayo in 1952. A further five outlets had been opened across the country by the end of 1960. In 1977, Delta Corporation acquired the business operations in Springmaster Corporation (now OK Zimbabwe Limited), which they held until the de-merger in October 2001.

Business Operations

The Group is a leading supermarket retailer whose business covers three major categories, comprising groceries, basic clothing and textiles and houseware products. The groceries category includes dry groceries, butchery, delicatessen, takeaway, bakery, provisions and fruit and vegetable sections.

OK Zimbabwe Limited trades under three highly recognised brand names, OK Stores, Bon Marche’ Stores, and OKmart. The diversified distribution channel allows the Group to target all segments of the market. In this regard, the Group has specifically profiled its stores in terms of design, product range, services and other offerings in a way that effectively caters for the specific requirements in the low, middle and high income consumer categories.

OK Zimbabwe Limited has maintained its position as one of the dominant supermarket retailers in the country’s competitive retail sector, despite the effect of liquidity constraints and low disposable incomes. The Group has developed its own brands through the Bon Marche’ Premier Choice and Shopperschoice labels.