What We Offer

Through a total of 68 operating stores dotted across the country, OK Zimbabwe offers a wide array of products and services.

Our Key Products And Services


    • Access to cash beyond banking hours
    • Send money securely
    • No bank charges and no hidden costs


    • Access to cash beyond banking hours
    • Send money securely
    • No bank charges and no hidden costs


    • A 6-week celebration of Bon Marché
    • Hundreds of lifestyle prizes over the festive periods
The OK Shop Easy facility is a shopping facility that enables the customer to shop without cash. It is a shopping voucher card which works the same way as a debit card. In other words, the customer loads his or her money onto the card and draws down from it as they transact.

The Shop Easy Card ensures that:

  • you have no change worries when you shop;
  • you can access cash beyond banking hours through our cashback facility;
  • you can send money to family securely by crediting their Shop Easy account;
  • you can send children to boarding school secure in the knowledge that their groceries can be replenished through the Shop Easy facility;
  • you can access all these at any of our branches nationwide with no bank charges and no hidden costs.

Simply put, OK Shop Easy offers convenience in one little card.

The Bon Marché Card offers the same facilities found on the OK Shop Easy card. However in addition to these, the card also offers targeted / rigged promotions. These are promotions designed to benefit only cardholders of the Bon Marché card.

During such targeted promotions, if cardholder uses their card to pay for their groceries, they get discounts on products on the promotion while those paying via other means will not enjoy that benefit.

Since the opening of Bon Marche Belgravia on 23 December 2010, the Bon Marché store has seen the opening of a new branch at Westgate on the 27th of August 2011 and the refurbishment of Bon Marché Mt Pleasant, which reopened its doors to the public on 25th October 2011. Bon Marché Chisipite has also been give a facelift and work is currently in progress at Bon Marché Borrowdale.

We, at OK Zimbabwe Limited, are excited about these new developments as they are physical evidence of our continued efforts to maintain the Bon Marché Store brand’s leadership position in the high net-worth market. We believe that our new look and our price competitiveness has firmed our position unquestionably at the forefront of the retail market in Zimbabwe.

With these achievements under our belt, we believe it is the right time to launch a brand new promotion to celebrate with our suppliers and our customers. We are therefore extremely excited to introduce:

  • The Bon Marché Liv’it Up Fiesta which is a six-week celebration of Bon Marché as a lifestyle store brand and of our customers as people who enjoy good living. In partnership with our suppliers, we have over the years, successfully helped our customers to live the life they love through the wonderful brands we stock.
  • Through the Bon Marché Liv’it Up Fiesta, we at Bon Marché and our supplier partners are giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy these brands over the festive period, while at the same time getting the opportunity to win hundreds of lifestyle prizes.
  • We are launching the Bon Marché Liv’it Up Fiesta at a time when the market has settled in United States Dollar trading and there is a fair degree of stability in the market. Competition has increased in the upper-market with players aggressively seeking the attention of the market. New players have been seen entering the market and competition has intensified greatly in the area of service.